Combine the taste of coffee with...

Coffee is a connector, between people, between food.

Combine the taste of coffee with a good dish? We'll do it for you!

We have a number of specialties in our kitchen that complete the experience.

Here they come!

Pão de queijo

This divine cassava cheese bread is a real delicacy. Of course we don't have to tell you that this small bread has its origins in Brazil.

A nice addition: it is made from tapioca flour and therefore gluten-free.

Freshly baked every day and together with a delicious cappuccino, real enjoyment.

Açai na Tigela

The Açai bowl is extremely popular nowadays. For a long time, we have enjoyed serving this pure vitamin bomb to our guests. Literally, because nothing is as tasty as this colorful filled bowl of healthy food.

You will find all the ingredients you need for a healthy portion in a daily life. Good to know: Açai is available in various variations.

Our version with juice, with a base of apple juice or yogurt, is certainly worth a try.


By the way, it is also 100% organic!

Fruit juices

Be seduced by our healthy juices. Not only a feast for the eyes, but also a healthy boost for the body and your taste buds.


Plenty of choice, just look.

  • Abacaxi - Pineapple 

  • Maracujá - Passion fruit

  • Manga - Mango 

  • Acerola - Barbados cherry

  • Açai - Brazilian palm berry


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