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Fazenda Camocim Organic

Fazenda Camocim Organic

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Tasting notes: dark chocolate, nuts, molasses
Roast: medium dark
Origin: Montanhas do Espírito Santo, Brazil
Variety: Iapar 59 (Villa Sarchi/ Timor Hybrid)
Type: organic, biodynamic
Suitable for: any coffee making method



Fazenda Camocim Organic

Brazuca imports the Fazenda Camocim Organic coffee beans directly from Brazil. This coffee has a dark, intense and soft taste with hints of dark chocolate, nuts and syrup.



The story behind Fazenda Camocim's organic and biodynamic coffee beans

Fazenda Camocim produces certified organic and biodynamic coffees, without pesticides or chemical additives. The coffee farm is known for producing the world famous Jacu Bird Coffee, which is processed without human intervention.

In 1962, Fazenda Camocim was bought by businessman Olivar Araújo, also known as the 'tree collector'. Olivar Araújo was a pioneer in the production of organic coffee in the region of Espírito Santo. He planted trees and restored the soil for 30 years. Olivar also planted exotic trees, mainly eucalyptus, pine, araucaria and liquidambar. The liquidambar became the symbol of Fazenda Camocim.

Coffee cultivation started in 1996 when Henrique Sloper Araújo took over the coffee plantation. He chose to grow sustainable, high-quality organic coffee independently, without using pesticides.

Later, farmers perfected the technique to produce biodynamic coffee of the best quality. The coffee plants are more resistant to pests and at the same time enrich the soil and improve the environment.


Meer weten over Camocim? Bezoek:

Fazenda Camocim Organic is available as coffee beans, filter and espresso grinds and is suitable for espresso and filter brewing methods.

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