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Hario V60 Drip Scale & Timer

Hario V60 Drip Scale & Timer

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The Drip Scale from Hario allows you to weigh coffee beans, measure hot water and time the extraction. These are the main parameters for the production of quality coffee from a dripper or Chemex. Drip Scale makes brewing of your favourite coffee even more pleasant!

Thanks to the great design and high-quality, the scales will be a perfect decoration in every kitchen. Of course you can also use it to weigh more than just coffee. A built-in timer, tare option, clear display and simple use guarantee the comfort of use. The scales are powered by two AAA batteries (included), the maximum weighing range is 2 kilograms.

Hario Drip Scale changes its precision as the weighed mass increases:
Weight Precision level
0 - 200g 0.1g
200 - 500g 0.5g
500 - 2000g 1g
It makes the perfect combination with the Hario Drip Station!
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