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Brasil Alto Caparaó

Brasil Alto Caparaó

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Branding: medium
Tasting notes: fruity aroma with hints of dried fruit. Caramel and chocolate.
Origin: Alto Caparaó, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Variety: Red Bourbon & Red Catuaí
Suitable for: all brew methods
Available as: coffee beans, espresso and filter grind


Brasil Alto Caparaó 

• Traditionally roasted in Amsterdam
• Free shipping within the Netherlands from €30


Brasil Alto Caparaó is an exceptional coffee processed using the "Peeled Cherry" method, which removes the peel before drying while preserving the pulp (pulped natural or honey process).

Essentially, this processing method is a combination of natural and washed methods. It can only be performed in certain countries where humidity is low because the coffee, still covered with the pulp, must dry quickly to avoid fermentation. This practice significantly increases quality and reduces the chance of defects.

The choice of the two botanical varieties and the processing method is aimed at achieving a taste with excellent balance, a velvety body and sweet notes. The result will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding palates.


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