Brazuca Coffee

If you want to enjoy really good coffee, you've come to the right place.

Our top quality Brazilian beans, selected with the greatest care, ensure that fine coffee experience. The aroma, the flavor, the feeling. And all that in one cup!


Should I stay or should I go?

Our coffee to go is the same delicious coffee, in a takeaway cup. This way you can taste the Brazilian coffee flavor everywhere.

Passion for coffee

We want to share our passion. Not only with the visitor, but also with potential new colleagues. We offer a unique franchise formula.


That means that you too can get started,

as a franchisee of Brazuca Coffee and be part of our team.

Joining forces with Unicef

We, as Brazuca Coffee, believe in the power of together. We are therefore extremely proud that we have become an official partner of Unicef.


Become a UNICEF Business Buddie too! Register via

This way we transfer our knowledge to the next generation and want to offer many children a chance for a different future.

Brazuca Coffee

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Brazuca Coffee

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